Indiana Game This Saturday (Oct. 15th at 12:30 PM PDT)

…Special Auction For Team Jack This Week…
Great To See The Huskers 5-0!
…Back Into The Top 10 After Several Years!…
This is “Team Jack Week” at the Indiana game, and we are helping Team Jack raise money for pediatric brain cancer.  We are having a silent auction on a number of really cool items that are must-haves for any Husker Fan. OR4NE will also kick in half of the proceeds from our normal raffle, and Dukes is planning to help with a portion of their receipts.
Silent auction items include a San Diego Chargers mini-helmet signed by Danny Woodhead (most prolific college running back of all time…and he is from Nebraska)…a football signed by Kenny Bell…a #22 jersey signed by Jack Hoffman…an autographed picture of Jordan Larson from the NU woman’s volley ball team and more!
There were some tense moments a couple of weeks ago against Illinois, but after being down at the end of the 3rd quarter, the Huskers came through again in the 4th quarter to put the game away.  So far this year, the Huskers are out scoring opponents 78-6 in the 4th quarter!
The Illinois defensive front helped keep their team in the game through 3 quarters.  The Huskers struggled to run the ball until the 4th quarter when they wore down the Illinois defense.  Also, the Huskers did not help themselves by loosing the turnover battle in this game 0-2.
The Huskers did well on offense in this game, but much of it was in the 4th quarter…it will become increasingly necessary to play well all game long as the quality of teams gets better.  The Blackshirts also did a good job overall by holding Illinois to under 300 yards for the day, but they did show some lapses in both run defense and pass defense at times. Still, the NU defense is way better this year than last year. If I had to single out players, I like Ross Dzuris…he continues to be a leader on a young D-line!
The worst part of the Illinois game were the injuries that Nebraska suffered.  It appears the Huskers have lost Jordan Westercamp and Cethan Carter for the Indiana game at least and perhaps Ozigbo.  Other players that are banged up include Alonzo Moore and Tanner Farmer.
Next up are the 3-2 Indiana Hoosiers. This will be the first time Nebraska has played the Hoosiers since 1978. Early in the season, this game looked like a win for the Huskers, and it still leans that way, but the Hoosiers are much better than what many people originally thought. Indiana teams in the recent past have had fairly prolific offenses, but their defenses tended to be weak.  This year, under a new defensive coordinator, the defense is impressive.  Last week they held Ohio State to 38 points and under 400 yards, the lowest point and yardage totals for Ohio State this season and well below their averages. They also beat a good Michigan State team a couple weeks ago in OT 24-21.
Indiana has a couple of QB’s that could see playing time.  One is new Junior College transfer named Rich Lagow.  He was rated the top pocket passing quarterback in the junior college ranks in 2015 according to ESPN, with a 66% completion percentage.  The other is Zander Diamont who has played in a couple of games this year, but also has game experience from last year.  The Hoosiers also have a tough running back named Devine Redding that the Huskers will need to keep an eye on.  While Illinois threw a lot of short passes, Indiana tends to throw more down field and they have a few receivers who can stretch the field with their speed.  In particular, they will need be careful with play action passes and not bite too hard on run fakes.
Comparing statistics, Nebraska has the edge in almost all areas, but to be fair, Indiana has probably had a little tougher schedule thus far.  The teams are pretty close on offense with Nebraska ranked 32nd nationally and Indiana ranked 39th.  The Huskers have a little bigger edge on defense with a 28th place ranking vs the Hoosiers 47th place ranking.
Can the Huskers go 6-0?  Join us this week at Dukes to find out!
Saturday, October 15th Watch Party
Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Indiana Hoosiers
Game Coverage Begins at 12:30 PM PST


Well, Nebraska jumped up again and they didn’t even play.  They reached the top 10 for the first time in nearly 5 years.  They are ranked 10 in the AP poll and 9 in the coaches poll.
This is only the second road game this year, but they did pretty well in their last one.  Early predictions for this game are running 2-1 for the Huskers and the spread is running about 2 or 3 points, so this looks to be a close game.
The Huskers need to continue making improvement in order to keep on the winning track.  We hope you can join us Saturday, October 15th at Duke’s…doors open at 11:30 AM. 
Duke’s will be offering a variety of lunch items. Arrive early for good seats! Families with children are welcome, however OLCC rules dictate that minors may not remain if a game goes beyond 9 PM.
The next game is on October 22nd at 12:30 PM PST against the Purdue Boilermakers